Triton Case Study

Triton Controls Ensures Production at a Paper Production Company

About the Company

The Company we assisted is a paper and product production company located in the Gulf Coast region that produces recyclable products out of renewable resources. They are dedicated to serving their 25,000 customers in 150 countries by using resources responsibly and producing successful and sustainable packaging, paper, and pulp.

The Company strives to improve the planet and people’s lives by being a conscientious company that responsibly produces products that people depend on daily.

The Challenge

The Company has a lot of moving parts and automation controls that work in conjunction to produce products on a daily basis. With many machines, systems, and people working together to produce, engineering and programming errors often occur that shut down production completely. The Company needs programming and engineering troubleshooting on a regular basis to ensure that production continues quickly and that business is not impacted greatly.

In addition, the Company needs to ensure that any repairs are up to specifications and that they meet state and local safety codes.

Triton Controls & Engineering Provides Solutions to the Company

The Company and Triton Controls have worked together for almost 20 years. Triton has consistently provided programming and engineering repairs to the Company’s PLC’s and equipment to ensure efficient and stable production. When the Company calls, Triton discusses the issue, plans for the solution, and reviews the scope of the solution with the client to ensure it not only works on paper but also in the field.

Triton’s troubleshooting services have ensured The Company’s production has resumed many times over the years of working together. The Construction Manager at the Company stated that even on projects that Triton had no obligation to help with, Triton assisted and ensured the problem was fixed.

The Construction Manager stated, “Their [Triton’s] knowledge, attitude, and work ethic always impress me. They have a great attitude, are safety-minded, and want to please the client – they’re committed to the project and committed the client. “

Triton’s proactive solutions and committed nature ensure the Construction manager calls them every time there is an issue within the Company.

The Result

As Triton Controls provides proactive solutions to their problems and ensures the solutions work, the Company is able to start production again every time quickly.

“They [Triton] make sure that when we implement stuff, we’re not troubleshooting and figuring it out on the go,” says the Company’s Construction Manager. “They do a great job, and anytime we had a problem, they were there.”

The Company knows they can call Triton Controls when they need them and that Triton will troubleshoot and fix the problem quickly. With Triton Controls on their team, production downtime is never an issue for long.

Work with Triton Controls & Engineering

Triton provides fast and effective engineering and programming troubleshooting and repair services for companies throughout the Gulf Coast. When you need a licensed and experienced engineering firm that will ensure your facility gets back up and running, call Triton Controls.