Our Approach

How We Solve Your Issues at Triton Controls & Engineering

At Triton Controls & Engineering, no issue is too big or complicated for us to solve. We take each challenge head-on and are dedicated to fixing it no matter how difficult it may be. As a team, we can do anything, and we’re ready to provide the custom applied solutions your plant or facility needs. Trust the experienced, licensed and certified team at Triton. You won’t be disappointed.

Solving Issues Since 2000

With over two decades of being in the industry and with a hands-on approach, we’ve seen it all and have a deep level of engineering experience. We utilize our level of knowledge and experience to provide flexible and custom solutions that have been tested and proven to work countless times. No matter if your issue is with hardware or software, we have the solution, or we won’t stop until we do.

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UL 508 Certified

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Triton Controls & Engineering Maximizes Reliability, Safety, and Uptime

When we set to work on your issue, we always keep reliability, safety, and your plant’s uptime at the forefront of our solutions. We strive to provide you with services that you can rely on time and time again for years to come. Count on our engineers to maximize your uptime with turnkey and proven solutions that will make your operations run more efficiently and safely.

We’re Not Afraid of the Last 10%

Many engineering firms push solutions to the finish line but never over it. We’ll get you the last 10 percent of the way and over the finish line. We’re here to do the frustrating and challenging work that seems impossible – we’re ready for it. Give us your hardware or software issue and watch us fix it in a way that will work for you. Whether its troubleshooting existing hardware, upgrading outdated systems, or implementing a completely new control system to make your engineers’ jobs easier, we have you covered.

Call Triton today and automate everything for a safer, more reliable, and more efficient facility.