From Applications to Wiring,

Our Industrial Electrical Services Can Benefit You

As a licensed engineering firm, we are equipped with the latest technology and solutions to improve your facility’s operations. Whether your facility needs to troubleshoot equipment in the field or install control systems in the office, our industrial services help get your plant facility safely operating at maximum efficiency with minimum downtime.

Project Supervision & Execution

We help your projects run seamlessly from start to finish. Whether your facility needs project supervision or assistance in execution and completion, we work with your engineers to complete projects on time. And with safety as our number one priority, you can be confident that we will make sure the project is complete correctly and successfully.

Secure and verify the mechanical and structural integrity of your facility’s equipment and systems to full operational status. We are able to quickly identify any errors and manage commissioning and startup for safe installation and full functionality.

We help check to make sure all the components of the system are correctly wired and are functioning how it was designed before connecting it to the electrical supply.

We build custom low and medium voltage designs that follow all industrial specifications and building codes while meeting the needs of your facility. Whether you need an electrical design built out for a new facility or improve a current one, we are prepared to ensure your electrical design is error-free and long-lasting.

We install and update control systems for facilities to have more seamless automation and output. Whether you need programming installation, setup, troubleshooting, upgrades, or modifications, our team at Triton Controls & Engineering is prepared to help.

Interact with your industrial technology and better optimize your industrial processes with HMI programming. Our HMI system provides you with a user-friendly interface for better visibility and management of your facility’s industrial control system.

We custom program PLCs to work exactly the way you need them to and integrate them into your control system for better operation and output. With high reliability and ability to withstand most harsh environments.

Minimize human error and improve facility operations with SCADA integration across your systems. View, track, and report data with more efficiency and better control of facility operations to increase safety and decrease downtime.

Our team can run diagnostics and tests to find the source of the issue to upgrade or replace any failing parts or equipment. We carefully assess, test, and identify the source of the performance issue and its underlying cause. From there, we provide you with the best solution for maximum safety and efficiency.

If your computer or equipment goes down due to a network issue, we get to the bottom of it. We inspect network connections and the equipment connected to your router for any damage or issues to find the source and get it resolved quickly.

Program Backups

In the event of an outage, don’t be without your program data. We copy the data in your current systems to cloud-based storage so that your data can be recovered quickly and unaffected.

When a disaster occurs, critical processes, files, and other systems could get lost, causing significant downtime in operations. We help you recover your data quickly and get you back in business in no time.

Upgrading Legacy Equipment

Minimize downtime and avoid the cost of replacing your current equipment that your facility depends on to operate. Our team can upgrade your existing equipment to work with the latest technology systems and operating applications.

24/7 Emergency Services

Issues do not always happen during operating hours. That is why our engineering team is always prepared to help 24/7 so that there is little to no downtime in operations. We are invested in the success of your business and will always find the best solution possible.

Experience the Difference We Can Make for Your Facility

We are the industry experts in industrial automation and control setup with 80 years of combined experience. With safety as our number one priority, you can rest assured that we will find the best solution, no matter how challenging the task.

Contact us today to get your industrial facility running at maximum safety and efficiency.