Commissioning and Startup Solutions

Efficient Start-Ups and Smooth Production

Triton Controls & Engineering plans, tests, and fine-tunes your specialized industrial control equipment for successful operations. With detailed tests throughout the process, our experienced team identifies errors and manages commissioning and startup for safe installation and rapid production status. Minimize your downtime by calling Triton for your plant’s transition to full operational status today.

Detailed and Responsive Commissioning and Startup Management

The commissioning and startup phase of your project is critical and determines the success of your facility. We treat it with the attention it requires to succeed. Utilizing years of experience and training, our team completes our tasks according to your schedule. We thoroughly test your control system equipment, so it is ready for operational use. 

Our mission is to secure and verify the integrity of your facility’s equipment and systems. We cut down on operational delays and errors by ensuring systems and components are interlinked correctly and properly functioning.

Commissioning and Startup Tests

Using the latest technology and systems, we test your systems for safe and efficient production.

We Meet Your Projects Specifications in Our Process

Whether you have a formal functional description or general testing procedures, we meet your goals listed in the description and execute our processes within the reserved timeframe. Our general process for commissioning and startup services are customized to meet your project and includes the following:

Input/output point checks

Specific Logic

Check proper function of human machine interface (HMI) application

After testing and verification is complete, your assigned team member signs off with their witness and test approval. With the specifications met on time, the systems and applications are turned over for operational use.

Call Triton for Timely and Thorough Commissioning and Startup

Minimize your downtime by calling Triton for your commissioning and startup services. Our proven process and years of experience ensure we complete the testing within your schedule. Get back to operational status faster and with more certainty when your systems are tested by Triton.