Triton Case Study

Engineering Consulting Company

The Company that Triton Controls & Engineering has collaborated with is best known for providing client-focused consulting and engineering services to industrial, petrochemical, governmental, and private industries. For over 40 years, the Company has prided itself on its reputation as trailblazers in technology.

The Company’s services include:

  • Electrical Engineering for Power Systems
  • Instrumentation & Controls Engineering
  • Digital Communications Systems Design
  • Engineering Secure Networks
  • PMBOK Guided Project Management
  • Design & Drafting Support Engineering

The Company highly values its clients and the work they do to solve complex engineering problems in various industries. However, their work cannot always be accomplished alone. Clients hire both the Company and Triton Controls to tackle specific parts of a project. The healthy team-like partnership between the Company and Triton Controls developed through mutual clients and consisted of solving difficult problems.

The Challenges of Engineering Consulting

The Company’s clients need their systems and operations to perform to the best of their ability, or else business slows down and increases costs. Their clients need the best in technology to produce products or provide services. The Company is dedicated to its clients’ needs while remaining focused on quality, safety, and meeting their expectations.

Clients approach the Company with difficult engineering-related problems, from electrical troubleshooting to creating new programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interface (HMI) programming.  Often, the problem with their systems can be more than the Company can handle on their own. That’s where Triton Controls comes in to work with the Company to efficiently and successfully develop solutions for their clients.

Triton Controls & Engineering in Collaboration with Engineering Consulting Companies

The Company and Triton Controls started working together over a decade ago when the company needed additional assistance with a client’s engineering project. The engineering consulting company needed professional help beyond their in-house team to accomplish the solutions their clients needed to keep operations running smoothly.

The Control System Engineer at the Company said that working with Triton Controls has been a positive experience. Triton Controls has been able to bring forward new ideas and solutions in collaboration with the Company. The services Triton Controls has provided include troubleshooting, technology development, and more.

Triton Controls Provides Solutions Efficiently & Professionally

The Company greatly appreciates the work and expertise Triton Controls provides when creating programs and technological solutions for the Company’s clients. Since their initial project together, the Company’s Control System Engineer has been impressed by Triton Control’s flexibility and responsiveness.

“They were cooperative and willing to work with the needs of the project,” said the Company’s Control System Engineer. “That’s one of their greatest attributes.”

Collaboration with Triton Controls has equated to success for the Company’s clients. Triton went above and beyond when it came to working with another engineering consulting company.

“Projects that we have worked on together – our expectations and timelines and goals – they always lived up to it,” said the Company’s Control System Engineer.

The Result

Clients can rely on the working relationship between the Company and Triton Controls to accomplish their engineering technology needs.

The work done with Triton Controls has also enforced the Company’s mission: the clients come first. The Company is hyper-focused on providing engineering design and consulting to clients for long-term growth and sustainability. The result has ultimately improved the Company’s clients’ systems and operations.

Working with Triton Controls is a Positive Experience

As an engineering consulting firm, the Company has enjoyed growing and developing projects with Triton Controls. Together, they have been able to provide practical solutions to clients. The Company knows they can always rely on Triton Controls to jump into a project with them. Their collaborations have been a positive experience for not only the Company but their clients as well.

The Company’s Control System Engineer sums up the relationship with Triton as a friendship and praises them for their dependability and flexibility. 

Work with Triton Controls & Engineering

Triton Controls provides control system integration and electrical engineering services that result in success for industrial companies throughout the Gulf Coast. As a licensed and experienced engineering firm, Triton is there to help your industrial facility reach the heights of success through effective engineering solutions.