Triton Case Study

Spent Catalyst and Adsorbent Regeneration Facility

Since 1975, this Gulf South-based spent catalyst and adsorbent regeneration facility has acquired a stellar reputation for its high-quality product and effective level of service. The Company uses a thermal process to restore the inactive or spent catalysts and adsorbents close to its original quality.

While the Company does rely heavily on the technical and vast knowledge of its personnel and former catalyst manufacturers, they’re always looking for valuable advice and guidance from related companies. This is how Triton Controls & Engineering started contributing to the Company. Triton Controls has been able to provide programmable logic controller (PLC) services that are crucial to the daily and long-term operations of the Company.

The Challenges of Catalyst and Adsorbent Regeneration Facilities

Catalyst and other adsorbent regeneration facilities require technology and control systems that work at their highest level of performance at all times. At the Company, most of their challenges have stemmed from issues involving their programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

PLCs are necessary for the Company because when their technology does work properly, they can focus on improving their controls, thus improving the quality of their products instead of wasting time fixing technology. Before receiving PLC services from Triton Controls & Engineering, all controls at the Company were manual.

Triton Controls & Engineering Works with the Company

Triton Controls & Engineering and the Company have worked together for many years. Triton came in to provide the Company with a much-needed update to their PLCs.

The Process/Product Development Engineer at the Company said he has worked with Triton Controls since he was hired in 2011. He said he knows he can trust in Triton to answer his call at any time.

“They can take my abstract ideas and put it in something that looks good in a program. And kind of just between us working together, they end up giving us exactly what we need,” he said.

The Company’s Process/Product Development Engineer recalled that about a decade ago, new types of catalysts were created that were more susceptible to higher temperatures. Triton’s improvements to their technology improved the level of heat that could be sustained. This improvement also allowed the Company to capture more business. As a result, Triton Control’s program improvements allowed the Company to give other plants worldwide a framework to follow when it came to manufacturing new catalysts.

The Company’s Process/Product Development Engineer trusts the team at Triton Controls to get them out of a bind when their PLCs go down. He says Triton Controls gets troubleshooting issues solved easily and promptly over the phone. When his industry colleagues are seeking engineering solutions at their facility, he suggests Triton Controls because they know what they’re doing and won’t sell anyone a service they don’t need.

Best of all, he appreciates the responsiveness of Triton Controls. Whether it’s about a minor PLC issue or feedback on business goals, Triton can be trusted.

The Result

The solutions that Triton Controls provided to the Company has opened new business opportunities. Facility operations increased thanks to the improved PLCs. The high-quality customer service and speedy arrival to solutions have also made a great impression on the Process/Product Development Engineer and the Company overall.

“I recommend them [Triton Controls] to my colleagues that don’t work here,” he said. He tells his colleagues, “these guys know what they’re doing, they are going to sell you what you need and provide the service that you need.”

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