Triton Case Study

High-Tech Storage Tank Cleaning Services Company

The Company that Triton Controls & Engineering assisted is best known for its high-tech storage tank cleaning services and for its efficiency in completing even the most difficult cleaning tasks, including crude oil storage tanks. Creating a safe and effective tank cleaning solution is essential for the safety of the environment, the people, and for maximizing the client’s efficiency.

That is why the Company relies on the latest technology and tank cleaning systems to provide maximum safety and efficiency. However, finding a solution that works best for all clients in various industries isn’t easy.

The Challenges of Industrial Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning can be an intensive and even dangerous task. Sludge buildup, and human and environmental hazards are all important factors that go into properly cleaning a tank.

Sludge builds up at the bottom of the tank over time and can take away the operator’s efficiency and the amount of space that can be used in the storage tank. The human and environmental exposure of the chemicals and fumes when removing the sludge, however, adds additional risk to the job. So, the goal is to find the best solution that not only gets the job done but also minimizes exposure.

This is when industrial companies call experts like the tank cleaning Company to safely and properly clean out the tanks using automated tank cleaning equipment. The use of these specialized machines means increased safety and efficiency, but specialized equipment is not always easy to come by.

Triton Controls & Engineering Working with the Tank Cleaning Company

The Company and Triton Controls began working together in 2014 when the Company brought in new tank cleaning equipment. The industrial tank cleaning company, however, did not have the in-house expertise for process controls and engineering, so they called Triton to help bring in new ideas and solutions to meet their customers’ needs better. 

“Our equipment has to have all of those controls in place and all of those processes and logic built-in to do what we do,” the Company’s Technology Director said.

The services Triton provides for the Company include:

  • Maintaining equipment
  • Making modifications to the equipment
  • In-house troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting equipment for the Company’s clients
  • New technology development

Triton Modified the Company’s Equipment for Better Performance

Over the six years of working together, Triton has continually provided their expertise to improve the Company’s equipment and tank cleaning systems.

The Company’s Technology Director recalls one specific instance from 2019 when the Company acquired a new tank cleaning system. They discovered through pre-job reviews that the new system wasn’t meeting the clients’ specifications from a control and electrical engineering standpoint.

To better serve its clients, the Company brought the equipment to Triton Controls and had them modify and improve the new tank cleaning equipment to work better for their clients.

“They work with our customers, they know what we need, and they know what the customers are asking for,” the Company’s Technology Director said. “And they [Triton] were able to retrofit the tank cleaning system in a pretty quick turnaround and work within the architecture that was already in place. And then integrate another piece – an atmosphere monitoring system technology – into that system in a matter of a few weeks.”

The Result

With modified tank cleaning systems, the Company is able to provide better service to its customers and offer better tank cleaning methods that cannot be found anywhere else. This has given the Company a competitive edge and the ability to stand out in the marketplace.

“We are fundamentally changing the way we are doing things, and Triton has been helping us with that,” the Company’s Technology Director said.

The Company offers a closed-loop process to reduce the environment’s exposure to the emissions. The closed-loop system ensures minimal emission of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, which makes it a safer, more environmentally friendly method of industrial tank cleaning.

Triton Going Above and Beyond for Its Clients

Working with the Company for over six years has allowed the team at Triton Controls to become exceptionally familiar with the Company’s equipment and requirements. Triton is there to help their client whenever they need them – beyond modifying and improving equipment.

“Wherever we have a problem in North America, they are quick to send someone out and go out and troubleshoot pretty quickly and efficiently,” the Company’s Technology Director said. “That’s pretty good to have.”

He also said that the engineers at Triton Controls have helped troubleshoot equipment over the phone, log it into the Company’s system to fix their problems remotely, or send someone out to troubleshoot in the field. He even recalls times where engineers from Triton have gotten on a plane the same day or next day to come and fix a problem.

“They go through every possibility before doing that,” the Company’s Technology Director laughs, “but they’ve done all of it… and always pretty quickly because in our field, nonproductive time has a significant impact to our bottom line.

For him, who deals with several responsibilities at a time for the Company, having Triton Controls there whenever they need them has helped the company stay organized, keep work going, and overall minimize any downtime in operation.

Work with Triton Controls & Engineering

Triton provides fast and effective control system integration and electrical engineering services for industrial companies throughout the Gulf Coast. The licensed and experienced engineering firm is there to help your industrial facility whenever you need them