Triton Case Study

Chemical Manufacturing Facility

This Gulf Coast region facility manufactures and distributes choline chloride – an essential B vitamin nutrient for animal health – to poultry and swine industries. The Company is dedicated to delivering solutions based on science to the nutrition, health, and food industries

Working with Triton Controls & Engineering to Solve Unexpected Problems

The Company has worked with Triton Controls & Engineering since its start in 2000 as it couldn’t successfully manufacture choline chloride until the control system was commissioned. Triton Controls started by providing its PLC services to the manufacturing plant and has continued to work with them since. The Triton Controls team has added new programs and maintenance updates to those controllers over the years to fit the facility’s production needs best.

A Senior Process Operator at this manufacturing facility recalls one time when a major PLC issue occurred where one of their controllers went down. With a down controller, the business was affected, and production slowed down.

How Triton Controls & Engineering Resolved the PLC Issues

The Senior Process Operator said he made a call to Triton Controls about the issue, and they were quick to respond and begin troubleshooting. Triton Controls was able to take a close look at the problem and create a viable solution to get operations back up and running as needed. This particular problem resulted in a controller replacement from Triton Controls.

“I can call them just about any time,” the Senior Process Operator said. “Sometimes they can walk through things over the phone, sometimes they have to come out, but they’ve always been really reliable.”

The Result

Overall, the services have allowed the Company to operate without any major hold-ups due to system failures. The PLC provided by Triton has also increased productivity. The Company has trusted Triton Controls for over two decades to provide excellent customer service and high-quality work. Whether there has been a significant issue with a controller or the Company needed assistance with system maintenance and troubleshooting, Triton Controls has helped their plant get back on track.

The Senior Process Operator says that the team at Triton Controls knows their system so well and can be trusted to create a working solution to their PLCs for years to come.

Work with Triton Controls & Engineering

Working with Triton Controls & Engineering means that you get quick and effective control system integration and electrical engineering services. We work with industrial companies all along the Gulf Coast. We’re loyal to our clients and their needs, and we’re ready to provide the necessary solutions you need.